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To encourage a renewal of Church leaders’ commitment to preach the Word by training them in biblical exposition.


To establish biblical exposition training hubs
in all of Brazil and four other countries by 2019.

What we do

Biblical Exposition Modules

    This course and curriculum were originally developed by our partner Leadership Resources International in Palos Heights, IL, and translated and brought to Brazil in 2008. Small groups of pastors (max. 30) are immersed in an intensive study of books of the Bible using hermeneutical principles that are essential to understanding and faithfully applying God’s Word.

    Each group is taken through eight 3-day on-site modules over the course of 4 years. The course is entirely free to the pastors, so as to reach those with lesser means.

    Our desire is that biblical exposition will be the distinguishing mark for these men as they teach and disciple God’s people.

Expositors' Conference

    This annual event has the purpose of encouraging leaders through expository sermons in a book of the Bible, while also sharpening other preaching and ministry skills. It is low cost, combining relevant

teaching with a welcoming environment

where pastors can network and learn

from each other.

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